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Department overview​
The Department of Information Education, the predecessor of the Department, was established in the Republic of China in 1974. It first recruited university students. In the 1990s, the Ministry of Information Engineering established a master’s degree program. Later, in the Republic of China in 1990, the department was adjusted and merged into Department of Information Engineering; and established a doctoral degree in 1996. The department currently recruits more than 40 university students each year, with more than 60 master’s programs and about 5 doctoral programs. As of November of the Republic of China, there are more than 190 university students. There are more than 120 classes in the class and 23 doctoral classes. The total number of students is about 340.

Educational goal

Educational goal​
The department plans a complete information engineering and science study course, and cooperates with excellent teachers and experimental research equipment to cultivate information engineering and scientific professionals. The University Program provides students with a foundation in the field of information expertise; the Institute’s programs are designed to nurture senior information professionals and their research and development capabilities. In the meantime, we can create inventions, cross-domain integration, and promote the upgrading of the information industry.

Department Characteristics

In 2015, QS ranked among the top universities in the world in terms of information science rankings from 301 to 400.​

Signed a department-to-system cooperation contract with the Department of Information Technology of Uppsala University (QS 101~150), which has several exchange student places each year.

Technology integration and research in five major areas: network technology, wireless communication technology, global information network, decentralized systems, and information security.​

Algorithm, software engineering, artificial intelligence, neural network and other four fields.​

Image processing and computer vision, multimedia system chip design, data retrieval technology and data exploration, natural language processing, oral processing and other five directions.​

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Address: Department of Information Engineering, 1st Floor, Applied Science Building, No. 88, Section 4, Tingzhou Road, Wenshan District, Taipei, 11677

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